LCP Cut Flower Program
Kids from the Suttons Bay Migrant Program cutting flowers for Tendercare residents
Teaching the Leelanau Montessori kids about fungi
Volunteers from SEEDS, a youth conservation corps, help out on the property.



  • Five week program exploring fungi with Leelanau Montessori.  Thanks to a grant from Grand Traverse Stewardship Initiative, each child will build an oyster mushroom totem.  The 5 week exploration will end with a presentation to all the parents.  These kids and their parents will be at Leo Creek Preserve Earth Day sharing their mushroom knowledge, building and giving away 100 oyster mushroom totems.
  • On March 4th volunteer Kate Thornhill talked with Leland Public High School Students on local environmental issues.
  • On April 11 LIFT SB kids will be prepping for the Earth Day biochar demonstration.
  • Earth Day Celebration on April 22.  Leo Creek Preserve is partnering with other local environmental and environmentally minded organizations.  Educational displays and activities.  CANCELLED DUE TO LATE APRIL BLIZZARD!
  • April 27 – kids from the Montessori Children’s House will be working in the gardens.
  • May 8 – kids from Grand Traverse Academy will be working in the gardens and build the oyster totems we were not able to start on Earth Day.
  • May 11 – the Grand Traverse Band Natural Resource Department will be hosting an event at Leo Creek Preserve
  • On May 24, the Greenager kids will be building a new hugel kultur garden bed.
  • June 9 – Art4All Access group of young adults will come to Leo Creek for an art program
  • June 12 – Biochar demo hosted by Leelanau Conservation District, 6-8pm.  All welcome.
  • June 28 – a plein air artist group from Traverse City will be creating at Leo Creek
  • Several schools will be participating in our creek ecology/macro-invertebrate sampling and identification program.  We still have a few spaces if you have a classroom or group that would like to participate.
  • Developing our polyculture garden.  Polyculture is using multiple crops in the same area, providing diversity like that of natural ecosystems, avoiding large areas of single crops, or monoculture.
  • Installing the first of our Science Meets Art interpretive stations.  Seeds is the theme!                 


We offer programs on stream ecology, the soil food web, and permaculture. We are excited to be collaborating with Inland Seas Educational Association and the Grand Traverse Stewardship Initiative.  We will also work with local schools and groups.  


Weekly during July and August is our cut flower bouquet program for kids 11 and younger. We meet 10-11:30 on Wednesdays at Leo Creek Preserve, cut flowers, arrange them in vases, and deliver to Tendercare patients. Tendercare is a short walk from the Preserve. Parent involvement is required.  Advance sign up (two days notice) is recommended.

Monday is food pantry delivery day.  We harvest in the morning, we harvest in the morning and deliver it to Leelanau Christian Neighbors by 1pm.  We can always use volunteers to gather produce.


Leo Creek is participating in the Watershed’s Center creek macro invertebrate sampling, identification, and reporting program.  Contact us at if you’d like to participate.  School classes welcome. If you’d like to participate in this program, contact us at

We offer Introduction to Creek Ecology and Introduction to the Soil Food Web programs. Each program is about 90-120 minutes long. You can sign up for one or for both.

Leo Creek is an important Leelanau County lake trout and salmon spawning environment. Wander along the creek trail this fall to see mature fish swimming and leaping their way upstream to lay eggs in a number of creek gravel beds.

The garden is open 24 hours. Come on in and wander. If we are there, we are glad to give a tour and talk about what we do.

To RSVP or inquire about an upcoming event or volunteering, please fill out the contact form below!