Leo Creek Preserve


Leo Creek Preserve

An outdoor learning laboratory, nature preserve and botanical garden in Suttons Bay, Michigan


The mission of Leo Creek Preserve is to use its unique creek, forest, and agricultural spaces to provide, for all people, an outdoor learning laboratory to investigate water and woodland ecology, intensive soil regenerating and carbon sequestration practices, and to bring art into the garden gathering spaces. We value strengthening our connection to the natural world and bringing people together to work towards a beautiful, healthy, productive and regenerating environment, and sharing its abundance. 

Ellen and Pine, creek clan alumni, visiting Leo Creek from Portland and Seattle

March 19 at Leo Creek Preserve

How tall, how old, how much carbon does this White Pine store? Foresters Kama Ross and Lynn Baker, and arborist Bo Burke will come to answer these questions for 50 kids in two visiting classrooms. Bo is going to climb and measure the tree so the kids can calculate the carbon stored themselves.

Answer: 6,677 pounds of carbon

Carbon Dioxide sequestered: 24,505 pounds.

New to Leo Creek Preserve: Perennial Plant Sale

Email us for the current list of availability or connect with us in the garden.

kids with flower bouquets
Wednesday flowers for Medilodge
White Pine Gateway
Class from Suttons Bay Public Schools
Mark Smith photo
Mark Smith photo

Leo Creek Preserve is proud to be collaborating with the following nonprofit organizations:

Traverse Area Recreational Trails (TART)

The Leelanau Conservancy

Inland Seas Educational Association

Email: leocreekpreserve@gmail.com

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